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  • P.R.S.T™  SPECS  From MCD :

    • Carbon Fiber
    You can either choose aluminum or carbon fiber, we went for carbon fiber in order to keep weight down. Aluminum is a little more durable, but from experience we would rather save weight for those long hikes.
    • Four sections vs. three sections
    We made the P.R.S.T™ with four sections for two reasons. First reason is to be able to have a higher tripod in situations where that is needed, Deep snow, steep slopes and in urban environments. Secondly; having four sections you can collapse it into a shorter package, which again makes it easier to carry with you.
    • Leg Lock
    This is a crucial part of any tripod, it has to lock well enough to support the weight, be easy to handle (even with mittens), and never get stuck. The P.R.S.T™ is fitted with a “snap lever” leg lock in order to meet the challenges and gives you an opportunity to set it up to fit your rig. A tripod fitted with the twist lock system, which was designed for photographers working in a studio is sure to fail at some stage, when used under the demanding situations a shooter often finds himself or herself in. Over the years we have experienced tripods that could not be collapsed due to icy rain, freezing temperatures or other environmental impacts on the twist locks.
    • Center column
    A center column is crucial for micro adjustments especially for situations when you are doing loophole shots or find yourself in situations where the size of your shooting window is limited. From our experience when you are in the field and need to do micro adjustments, simply adjusting the legs is too awkward and will not be precise enough. With the center column you can be on your scope while doing the micro adjustment. Further more; our center column does not have a locking function, and that is by choice. To have the center column that can turn without interruption is a must when shooting moving targets. Of course this can be done with a ball head, but a lot of Special Forces shooter doesn’t use a ball head in order to save weight. We made sure that the center column was not to long. This ensures that you can use the tripod while shooting prone or when using the tripod for spotting.
    • Paint/ contour
    The P.R.S.T™ is treated with Ceracote™ on selected areas on the upper section. This is done to break the contour of the tripod in the area which will be exposed to prying eyes. It also works as a good base layer for future camouflage.
    • Maximum load weight 20 kg/ 40 Lbs
    The tripod industry has no set rules on how to measure this, but we guarantee our tripod to be able to handle this weight, and as far has we are concerned if your rifle ways more than this you should seriously consider a fixed- or vehicle- mount.
    Weight 4,1 lbs / 1865 grams
    Load rating 40 lbs /20 Kg
    Max. Height 62,2 “ / 158 cm
    Min. Height 6,8” / 17 cm
    Collapsed Length 22” / 56 cm
    Center column length ( Actual adjustment length) 3,5” / 9 cm
  • P.R.S.T™ –BH1 SPECS:

    Weight  10 oz / 286 grams
    Load rating 40 lbs /20 Kg
    Height 3,1 “ / 8 cm

    kr 2.100,00
    Designed by a Marine Scout Sniper and OIF Veteran, a rifle rest tailored to the avid hunter and outdoorsman. Universally mounts to any tripod platform which incorporates 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 thread attachments. (patented) Features · Weight: 1.4 lbs · Steel construction- to facilitate years of dependability · Superior corrosion resistance · Heavy duty polymer torque knob · UV resistant pads- specifically engineered to absorb rifle recoil and reduce muzzle jump · Steel 1/4-20 mounting threads and 3/8-16 back up threads · One handed operation · Manufactured in the USA https://youtu.be/qhyVQFNmaIo
    Weight 0.675 kg
    Dimensions 14.5 x 11 x 8.5 cm
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    RAT Recoil Activation Trigger

    kr 950,00 kr 890,00
    • Cord length 1.5m • 2 x 15cm Velcro straps supplied. • Dimensions 29mm x 120mm x 13mm • Easy Instructions to follow.
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    Avansert sporings radar Sporer kuler opp til 100 meter (EU standard har ikke like sterk stråling som den Amerikanske). Opptil 100 skudd per serie med opp til 9999-serier Avleser hastigheter fra 65 fps til 3900 fps Metrisk eller Standard hastighet og avstand rapportering Høy, lav, gjennomsnittlig, ES, SD data Slett shot funksjon Kinetic Energy beregning IPSC / IDPA Power Factor beregning Minnet blir ikke borte når den slås av. USB og SD-kort nedlastinger av lagrede data for PC-bruk Batteristatusindikator Stor 3,5 " skjerm 6 AA batteridrift (ikke inkludert) Driftstemperaturområde (- 10°C til +45°C) Tips til plassering av Labradar Link til Labradar hastighetsmåler YOUTUBE kanal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWLcaC5zBL-ZcdLZS9BRmKg http://www.mylabradar.com/  
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZuSU8qaAJo

    kr 3.900,00
    1. Opens 1/4″ wider than original model. (2 11/16″ Open, 1 1/2″ Closed) 2. Incorporates a retention button screw to prevent unintentional dissassembly in the field 3. Weighs less than 16 ounces 4. Added cut-outs to the base of the HOG Saddle. These narrow slots better integrate with tripod heads or QR plates that have anti-rotation video pins. MOD7 HOG Saddle Specs: · CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum · Black oxide stainless steel bolt and guide rods · Hard anodized finish (a resilient surface which serves as an excellent base coat for custom camouflage paint) · 1/4-20 stainless steel mounting threads and 3/8-16 back up threads · CNC machined torque knob assembly with retention button screw to prevent disassembly in the field (opens 1/4in wider than previous model) · Stainless steel noise dampening tension spring · 1/4 inch thick, recessed urethane pads specifically engineered to absorb rifle recoil and reduce muzzle jump · Anti-rotation slots to accept tripod QD plates that have video pins · Superior resistance to corrosion ·   Weight0.535 kg Dimensions14.5 x 11 x 8.5 cm
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