• Spesifikasjoner:
    • Produksjonsland: Tyskland
    • Vekt: 544gr
    • Forstørring: 1-6x
    • Objektivdiameter: 24mm
    • Synsfelt v/100m: 44m
    • Utgangspupill: 12.4-4mm
    • Justering pr. klikk: 1cm v/100m
    • Lysgjennomtrengning: 92%
    • Mellomrørdiameter: 30mm
    • Lengde: 272mm
    • Øyeavstand: 90mm
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    2.5-10×50 Polar T96

    kr 25.900,00 kr 19.900,00
    Der POLAR STern unter den Zielfernrohren          Der POLAR STern unter den Zielfernrohren Med Polar 96                     Med standard optikk
    Weight (g) 650g
    Length (mm) 336
    Tube diameter (mm) 34
    Magnification 2.5-10x
    Objective lens diameter (mm) 50
    Field of  view (m) 15 - 3.75
    Exit pupil (mm) 12 - 5
    Eye relief distance (mm) 90
    Twilight factor 11.18 - 22.36
    Transmission (%) 96
    Focal plane 1. o. 2.
    Diopter -3dpt. to +2dpt.
    Elevation (Turret) 380 cm / 100 m
    Windage (Turret) 60 cm / 100 m
    Illumination 11 settings
    Waterproof mbar / m 300 / 3
    Temperature range
    Storage -40°C to +70°C
    Function -25°C to +55°C
    Diffractive 2. focal plane D7
    Conventional illuminated reticle 1. focal plane L7
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1ldMtOoOwI  
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    M The Tube series is a cutting-edge thermal imaging riflescope, which has a similar appearance with  the Day riflescope. The state-of-the-art design is especially for professional hunters who value  traditions and seek technological superiority.

    High Image Quality

    The Tube Series (BOLT in the US) is designed for faultless operation in extreme weather  and temperature conditions. Whether or not the environment is  freezing cold or blistering hot, the image retains its contrast and vivid  colors without loss of frame rate.

    User-friendly Interface

    Rotary knob offers smooth zooming  while four navigation keys offer  optimal feeling of control.

    Picture-in-Picture Function

        The Picture-in-Picture function improves accuracy by  providing a 2x-magnified image of the reticle area at the top  of the display. It helps to zoom in on a target while maintaining  visibility of the entire field of view.

    Ultraclear Mode

          Built-in Ultra-clear mode is designed for  bad weather conditions, such as heavy  fog and rain. It will make the Tube series (BOLT in the US) more sensitive and capable of providing  more details.
    Reliable Full Aluminum  Housing
    The Tube series (BOLT in the US) housing is made of aluminum  and is designed to improve reliability. Designed for rugged reliability, Tube riflescopes boast full, reinforced yet lightweight metal construction. Precision-fabrication of housing elements ensures flawless field performance.

    Mounts on Standard 30 mm  Scope Rings

        Applicable for 30mm diameter pipe, the newly designed tubular appearance allows the Tube series to be installed on standard 30mm scope rings, with simple operation, stability and reliability.

    Sufficient Operation Time and  Flexible Battery Choice

    The working time of bulit-in battery is up to 13 hours,  and the replaceable 18500 battery will provide an  additional 2.5 hours of operation.

    Extreme Detection Range

    It combines the advanced thermal imaging  sensor and the high-quality germanium  optical lens to provide an unprecedented  detection range up to 1800 meters, even in  complete darkness.

    12μm Pixel Pitch

    The high-performance detector with the pixel pitch of 12μm is embedded

    Built-in Video Recorder and WiFi Connection

    16 GB internal storage provides 24 hours of video recording capability, or  approximately 20,000 images of photo storage. WiFi mode allows for up  to 4 connections simultaneously.
    Your Wise Choose With Tube Series (BOLT in the US)
    Detector Resolution 384×288
    Pixel Pitch, μm 12
    NETD, mK ≤40
    Frame Rate, Hz 50
    Objective Lens, mm 35
    Field of View 7.5°×5.6°
    Magnification, × 3.1~12.4
    Eye Relief, mm 60
    Diopter Adjustment -5D~+5D
    Display Resolution 1280×960 LCOS
    Battery Built-in battery pack + replaceable 18500 battery
    Max. Battery Life, h 15
            Amount of built-in memory, GB
    Weight (without batteries-18500), g <900
    Dimension, mm 385×85×75
    Interface Type-C
    Detection Range, m (Target size: 1.7 m×0.5 m, P(n) = 99%)   1816
  • 2,5-13×56 Stratos

    kr 24.500,00
    Exit pupil 12,0mm - 4,3mm
    Twilight factor 8,66 - 26,96
    Field  of  view  at 100 m 14,2m - 2,7m
    Eye  relief  distance 90mm
    Basic click system Total adjustment range 1cm / 100m 1m / 100m
    FlashDot Reticles FD4 / FD7
    Weight : 695 Gram Main Tube 30mm  
  • 1,1-5×24 Stratos

    kr 24.900,00
    Exit pupil 12,6mm - 4,8mm
    Twilight factor 3,9 - 10,95
    Field  of  view  at 100 m 37,6m - 7,56m
    Eye  relief  distance 90mm
    Basic click system Total adjustment range 1cm / 100m 1m / 100m
    FlashDot Reticles FD0 / FD4 / FD7 /
    Main Tube 30mm Weight : 472 Gram  
  • Spesifikasjoner:
    • Produksjonsland: Tyskland
    • Vekt: 720gr
    • Forstørring: 2-12x
    • Objektivdiameter: 50mm
    • Synsfelt v/100m: 20,4m
    • Utgangspupill: 12.4-4,2mm
    • Justering pr. klikk: 1cm v/100m
    • Lysgjennomtrengning: 92%
    • Mellomrørdiameter: 30mm
    • Lengde: 335mm
    • Øyeavstand: 90mm
  • 1,5-8×42 Stratos

    kr 25.500,00
    Exit pupil 12,0mm - 4,6mm
    Twilight factor 5,20 - 18,33
    Field  of  view  at 100 m 23,9m - 4,6m
    Eye  relief  distance 90mm
    Basic click system Total adjustment range 1cm / 100m 1m / 100m
    FlashDot Reticles FD4 / FD7
    Weight : 595 Gram Main Tube 30mm  
  • 1-8×24 Exos

    kr 25.500,00
    Exit pupil 9,6mm - 3mm
    Twilight factor 3,9 - 13,9
    Field  of  view  at 100 m 35,3m - 4,9m
    Eye  relief  distance 90mm
    Basic click system Total adjustment range 1cm / 100m 1m / 100m
    Weight 550g
    FlashDot Reticles FD0 / FD2 / FD4 / FD7  
    Main Tube 30mm Weight : 564 Gram  
  • 4-16×56 Polar T96

    kr 27.500,00
    Weight (g) 810
    Length (mm) 386
    Tube diameter (mm) 34
    Magnification 4.0-16.0x
    Objective lens diameter  (mm) 56
    Field of view (m) 9.4 - 2.3
    Exit pupil (mm) 12.0 - 3.5
    Eye relief distance (mm) 90
    Twilight factor 15.0 - 29.9
    Transmission 96
    Focal plane 1. o. 2.
    Diopter -3 to +2
    Adjustment Posicon o. BDC HS
    Adjustment value / Click 1cm / ¼ MOA
    Elevation (Turret) 100 cm/100m    25 MOA/100m
    Windage (Turret) ± 50 cm /100m    ± 12 MOA/100m
    Parallax adjustment 30 m - ∞
    Illumination yes
    Waterproof (mbar) 300
    Temperature range
    Storage -55 to 70
    Function -25 to 55
    Turret Types cw/ccw
    Colors Black
    Reticles L7, L4 (1. BE), D7, D4 (2. BE)
    cw = clock wise ccw = counter clock wise   Pris er Uten ASV H // BDC H    
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    3-12×54 Polar T96 med P4-Fine retikkel

    kr 29.500,00 kr 27.500,00
    Beskrivelse Schmidt & Bender gir oss en ny epoke med høytransmisjonskomponenter med "Polar" rekkevidde. Aldri før har en Lys gjennomgang på over 96% blitt oppnådd med et variabelt omfang med 4x zoom.Dette gjør det mulig å bruke det aller siste lyset om kvelden for en vellykket kvelds jakt i skumringen. 3-12x54 Polar er ideelt i Skumringen. Litt info på Engelsk : The 3-12x54 Polar is an ideal scope for the raised hide. With its 34 mm tube and the optional lockable quick reticle adjustment, it offers an unbelievable adjustment range for long-distance shots. The caps of the quick reticle adjustment can of course be engraved to customer specification for various cartridges and distances and can easily be exchanged by the customer.
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