PSE E-Lite (Heym SR21 / SR30 / HPPR)



The PSE E-Lite is a hand-made, light weight, adjustable carbon fibre stock.

The E-Lite incorporates PSE Composites’ unique «ICS» (Integrated Carbon Skeleton). This internal carbon structure ensures that all PSE rifle stocks have an unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio.

The unique PSE manufacturing technology in this rifle stock leads to less weight below the line of the bore which in turn results in reduced initial muzzle flip and increased accuracy.

Stock features include:

-ICS Technology (Integrated Carbon Skeleton) Integral carbon fibre I-beam construction along the complete length which results in a stock that is ultra-stiff on both a lateral and torsional axis;

-SHQR (Single Hand Quick Release) allows the cheek piece to be adjusted quickly and securely with only one hand and without the need for tools. The spring loaded system ensures minimal effort when making fine adjustments to obtain a clear line of sight through your optics.

-Integrated carbon fibre pillars to house the Heym metal bedding pillars that are supplied (fitted) with the stock;

-A selection of grip options are available – all of which will ensure superb grip of your stock in all conditions;

-Ambidextrous long pistol grip with a slight palm swell; and

-Many customisation options are available.

We supply bedding pillars with the stock and suggest you have your rifle epoxy skim bedded by a gunsmith. It is important to get the trigger adjustment/engagement correct. It is best if a professional gunsmith adjusts the trigger for safety reasons.

*The rifle action, scope, moderator and all components other than the rifle stock are not included in the sale. They are strictly for illustrative purposes only.*


Overall Length of Stock: 78.7cm with no spacer

Max Diameter of Barrel: Depends on model chosen

Forearm Width: 4.8cm

Length of Pull (without Spacers): 34.7cm with no spacer (35.5cm with 1 spacer)

Approx. Weight: 850g / 30 oz.